Lawn Care

We keep commercial and residential lawns looking beautiful.

Keeping up with your lawn is tough if you’re short on time. You’ve got other plans anyway, don’t you? Let us take care of it. We maintain commercial, residential, and government properties. With 15 years of experience in lawn care, we know how to keep grass looking beautiful. You can see our work at city parks, retirement complexes, business parks, strip malls and much more.

What We Offer

Cutting & Trimming

We’ll schedule regular visits to cut & trim your grass to keep a manicured look



To get that lush, green carpet of grass, we give lawns the nourishment they need using a high quality fertilizer, specifically formulated for Southern Alberta.


Weed Control

Our trained & certified pesticide application staff can treat dandelions and broadleaf weeds without damaging your grass.

Property Clean Up

If you’ve got debris, leaves, or grass that needs to be cleared, we’ll get the job done.


Sprinkler System Blow-Out & Winterization

We’ll get your commercial property ready for the cold by shutting off the water and blowing out anything that’s left to prevent freezing during the winter.

Eavestrough Clearing

We can also remove leaves and other matter from eavestroughs on commercial and residential buildings, and finish the job with a flush.

Pressure Washing

Sidewalks, concrete areas, fences, and buildings look renewed after a good pressure washing.

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“I just have to tell you how absolutely pleased we are with Kayla. All our staff have noticed which says a lot. We are super happy with how good of a job Kayla does!”

Barbara - South Country Livestock

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“Thank you to Allan and Loren. Our office is a 7500 sq ft. space filled with beautiful glass walls. It is a big task. Allan and Loren were professional, quick and the results are stunning! They also didn’t use harsh smelling chemicals and we could continue to work while they were here.”

Tania S.

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“We are so proud to work closely with Rob from Intrepid Property Maintenance, he is an amazing contact between our two companies, and he always has our employees best interest at heart, just as much as he does with his customers. We love Intrepid Property Maintenance!”

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