Employment Opportunities

 Intrepid Property Maintenance is a vibrant, growing company with employment opportunities throughout the year.

Permanent Full-Time Positions

Our Company is expanding. With an increase in business volume, opportunities will become available for hard-working, serious-minded individuals who seek a blue-collar career.

Temporary Part-Time Positions

With our company’s seasonal divisions of snow removal and lawn care, job opportunities regularly open up for temporary employment for hard-working, responsible individuals.

Our Employment Philosophy

About our employees
  • Employees are to be treated with dignity, respect and fairness
  • They have the right to expect a safe work environment
  • They need to receive adequate training for their job duties
  • They must receive generous monetary remuneration for their contribution to company objectives
An emphasis on safe operating procedures
  • New employees are given a thorough company orientation
  • Scheduled employees attend monthly safety meetings overseen by our Certified Safety Officer (COR)
  • “Tailgate” safety meetings are held weekly under the direction of our COR
  • Work orders are accompanied with a Safety Hazard Assessment Form
  • Maintenance operations are performed to the standards of our Workplace Safety COR Certification
  • Zero Tolerance Policy regarding alcohol and/or drugs on the job
A variety of on-going instruction, training, and certificationertification
  • Classroom instruction, including tutorial videos
  • On-the-job training from experienced technicians
  • Specialized training and certification, where applicable
A generous remuneration package
  • Wages above average in local area for qualifications and job duties
  • Personal Performance Bonus (potential monthly)
  • Crew Performance Bonus (depending on work orders assigned)
  • Company Health Benefits Plan (50% of monthly premium paid by employer for employee’s personal coverage)
  • Employee of the Year Award (includes paid accommodations at a resort destination)

Our Employment Philosophy

Our company’s standards of conduct are founded upon four pillars: truthfulness, honesty, integrity, and hard work.


If you’re an energetic, serious-minded, and responsible individual, Intrepid Property Maintenance would be pleased to hear from you! We hire permanent full-time and temporary part-time positions.


Please email your resume to: [email protected]